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Find Chaffy cartoons!


Hello! It has been a long time. I still haven't found anything which felt as nice to post to/chat on than livejournal. Like other so-called 'artists' i got into the harder stuff like Twitters and Tumblings, and recently I've started to feel i dunno like it's all missing something. So I think I'd like to try doing a bit more on livejournal again, if you'd have me. It'll be like 2005 again, only we've all lost our optimism about the future and our baggy clothes are retro now.

Incidentally, if you haven't followed me on any of those 'other' things, you might not know that I have been super crazy busy and I'll happily fill you in on it all if you're interested. There has been Looshkin news, and other things, which may be relevant to your interests. In the meantime however, could I point you towards these Find Chaffy animations I've been working on with the amazing Birdbox and Mind Candy. There are two out so far, with one more to release next week.



I'm so, so chuffed with these, and here's the thing: I really want to get people seeing them because the more people who look, the more chance we might have to make some more. So if you have any suggestions for how I can get them out there, I'd really really appreciate it (and give you a coquettish glance, if that works as currency).

Otherwise yes, how have you been?
Tags: animation, chaffy, cute, findchaffy, jamiesmart

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