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I'm talking at the Cartoon Museum + other events!


It has been a long time since I last blogged hasn't it? Sorry. There's been a proper bumload of things to get done, and we moved house in the middle of it all. I now have a lovely studio of my own, where I can eat pudding and drop it on my work all by myself. I'll show you pictures of it sometime, the room, not the pudding.

I'll try and blog more, there really is a load of things to say, pics to show you, and ill-informed opinions to share, i'm just struggling to find the time to put them down. HOWEVER, I am doing some public events over the next few weeks, and if you'd like to come and say hello, that would be really cool I think.

Sunday 21st October - Cartoon Museum, London

Firstly I was beyond honoured to be asked to give a talk at the Cartoon Museum in London on Sunday 21st October. My own talk. Flipping heck. I'll be honest, I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to say, it may just be 5 minutes of spinning around quickly and then 55 minutes of me crashing into chairs. But hopefully it won't be like that. Instead I'll be talking about my work, going through the characters I've drawn and explaining some of the thinking behind them. The details are on the Cartoon Museum website (click 'Events', top-right) but if you can't be bothered to look, this is what it says.

So do come along! It's an all-ages event, so bring your kids, or just act like one. I'm hoping I'll be drawing and y'know all that stuff, but yet to work the details out yet. I WILL, however, be proper nervous. So, y'know.

It's tied into a great exhibition the Cartoon Museum are putting on about The Dandy, showcasing a load of original art from its 75 year history. It sounds really brilliant, and I should have a few pieces in there too, so even if you can't make my talk then do pop along to the exhibition the week after.

Tuesday November 13th - Society Of Authors, London

ALSO, my good friend Sarah McIntyre invited me to be part of a panel for the Society Of Authors, where myself and a handful of great souls will be discussing the future of publishing, particularly comics and cartoons. It's on Tuesday November 13th, in London. You may have noticed I'm a bit opinionated about this, so it should be a great discussion, and what a prestigious place to do it! Sarah has detailed the event far better than I could HERE, and also provided this beautiful little ad for it.

And that's me lot for now. I'm not big on going out in public generally, let alone parading around on a stage trying to impress people, so next year I'm probably not going to leave the house. It's safer for everyone that way.

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