foo5 (foo5) wrote,

Live Comics Festival!

Hey! So! If you have kids who like drawing comics and want to come hang out with us, come to the Pop Up Festival in London (nearest station Kings Cross) next saturday (30th June). Pop Up is a free festival celebrating stories for children, teenagers and families.

A handful of top UK comics creators (and me) will be hiding in the 'Comics Big Top Of Awesome', where we'll be doing live drawing tutorials, reviewing portfolios, having great big comic battles on stage and playing cartoon consequences. By the end of the day, some of us will be crying, and at least one of us will be in space.

This is all actually happening! I'd write out more details here but to be honest Sarah McIntyre, one of the amazing artists who has hauled this all together, says it all far better than I ever could, so please check out her blog post HERE and then come along! Bring your family!

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