foo5 (foo5) wrote,

Ubu Bubu - Filth is out now!

i am VERY pleased to say the UBU BUBU collected book, 'Filth', is OUT NOW. With all four horrific issues bullhorned together along with some awesome guest art and a few other scribbles, 'Filth' is a tome to the nasty disgusting yet nose-sickeningly cute whuppies what we all hug but would never tell the police. HERE'S SOME BLURB..

"Hey Gobby! Think you've seen everything? Well wait till you clamp your eye-chompers on UBU BUBU, the most enjoyably deranged romp through an apocalypse since, y'know, that other one. Had bees in it. When the evil daemon Lord Bubu possesses the body of an innocent cat Ubu, they become UBU BUBU! Romping around killing, maiming, and riding humanity like a donkey! Add to their reign of terror ringmaster Stig, an array of increasingly more revolting new daemons, and the fast impending ACTUAL end of the world, an you got yerself a catalogue of brutality and chuckles, crashing and slapping its way towards our imminent destruction! HOORAY!"

Ubu Bubu : Filth is available from your comic store, book store, online through amazon or wherever the hell it is you normally get your comic books. you know better than me. it's not like i'm checking your bins. or aaaam i? yes i am. get over it.

wanna see the full colour version of Patt Kelley's amazing Ubu Bubu guest art? Check it out on today's FUMBLOG

also on thursday i am of course doing this signing malarky in london's Forbidden Planet, but more about that tomorrow.

hooray! please buy my fucking book. i have to eat, just like you. only difference is i ingest through my nipples, but that only earns me pocket money :(


ps. FIND CHAFFY is scoring its first sightings, with some great ones coming in the next coupla days! Keep checkin on the search :)

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